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With his unique ‘savoir-faire’ and creative passion, Roberto de Villacis - Couturier to the Stars - blurs the boundaries of art, fashion and entertainment into a seamless world of timeless beauty, fantasy and luxury.


Inspired by Hollywood’s Goldern Era of Cinema combined with his experience in Parisian couture and Luxury, Roberto de Villacis designs unique, collectable clothes and jewelery for passionate personalities from Oscar, Emmy & Grammy winners to Royalty.

Haute Couture for the Arts

Villacis is an internationally recognised haute couture designer/artist to movie stars, royalty, art collectors, and global A-listers. Born in South America, raised in South Florida, and educated in Europe, he is a world citizen, fluent in five languages as he travels the globe in his romantic crusade, Glamour Saves the World. With an impeccable pedigree and success rate for private clients and global luxury brands alike, Villacis is highly sought after for his golden touch and ‘savoir-faire’ in an otherwise over-hyped world.

First discovered in Paris by Karl Lagerfeld after graduating from the famed Paris fashion school, Studio Berçot, Villacis began creating fashion waves on the runways of Paris, London, and Milan. He worked as creative fashion director and consultant for iconic European luxury brands including Missoni, Blumarine, L’ Oreal and Lancome. Recognized by the elite European fashion, press, and business establishment as a ‘rare talent’ in an over-hyped field, Villacis took the fashion world by storm in 2002, founding the iconic cult European fashion brand, Trash Couture.

Breaking away from the ready-to-wear fashion frenzy, Villacis set up a base in Los Angeles to work more closely with his couture celebrity clients. Most notably, he engineered Carrie Underwood’s metapmorphosis from country girl into one of America’s most glamorous and sought after stars of style. His other transformations include special one-off creations for Katy Perry, Adam Lambert, Angelica Huston, Keith Richards, Penelope Cruz, Britney Spears, Cyndi Lauper, and the newest young Hollywood players including Christian Serratos, Grey Damon, Jeremy Sumpter, and Katerina Graham.

Not limited to having his work as a “cause celebre,” Villlacis embraced his status as a fashion expert, starring in Bravo’s reality-based television show, Launch My Line, in 2010. The show was a surprise critical and commercial hit, earning him the nickname “The Volcanic Diva Designer.”

His distinctive designs and signature style (not effervescent) grace not only the glossy magazines of Hola, People, Vogue and the Financial Times but the rarefied galleries of international museums from NYC to Shanghai. A topic of great discussion in Paris in the early 90’s was Villacis’s one-off ‘ Arte Povera’ light-sculptures that were exhibited by and have since been part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Decorative Arts at the Louvre in Paris, France.

Glamour Saves the World… or almost

United Aliens Artists Foundation

Pioneering this century’s art & fashion phenomena Roberto de Villacis is simply avant-garde. He was honored for his groundbreaking art work with a United Aliens retrospective in the celebrated multi-media installation Art as Adversting, Advertising as Art or is it Really just Fashion as Art, Art as Fashion at the prestigious Art Unlimited 2000 show in Art Basel, Switzerland.

Founded in 1997 originaly as an art & fashion collective by Villacis in London-Paris-Milan with guest artists most notably Donna Trope and the Brit Pop Art stars: the Chapman brothers, Gavin Turk, including uber fashionistas like Verushcka and Jodie Kidd, UAA is now established in the USA as a non-profit fondation. UAA now focuses on art for a greater social cause in conjuction with the Dreams without Borders/ Suenos sin Fronteras/ TOY charity for orphans and underprivilged children. As creative director and fine-artist of UAA, Villacis ‘s mission is to raise consciousness ‘to enlighten, entertain and embolden our spirits’ while bringing realistic help to those in need.

Villacis actively supports charitable causes such as the American Cancer Society, Sueños Sin Fronteras and the U.N. awarded orphanage in Bogotá, Colombia, Albergue Infantil Mamá Yolanda. Recognizing the underappreciated efforts of artisans worldwide, Villacis has joined forces with National Geographic and its award winning, eco-inspired décor and gifts branch, Novica. Villacis has been named the first ever Novica Design Ambassador creating semi-precious jewelry and connecting buyers to the worldwide arts and crafts community.

Established in 1997 with his United Aliens Artists Fondation in Europe and later USA, Villacis has been actively creating, directing, producting and fundraising UA art projects with guest artist collaborations such as the Brit Pop Art stars the Chapman brothers, Gavin Turk and uber-models like Verushcka and Jodie Kidd, with an aim to raise consciousness ‘to enlighten, entertain and embolden our souls’. Heralding the current Art & Fashion movement, UA’s most notable recognition is to be the first to recognised as a bonafide art group with the celebrated multi-media UA retrospective installation ( Art as Adversting, Advertising as Art or is it just Fashion as Art, Art as Fashion) in the prestigious Art Unlimited at Art Basel Switzerland, 2000. Current UA projects are focused on documentary film work for a greater social cause.

Working with museums and private fondations to conserve and exhibit the unique body of Villacis’s art and fashion work as an educational program is being currently considered to continue his unique legacy of Art as Fashion, Fashion as Art.


For more information on Villacis, please read more on Gentiuno.


Villacis is mysterious, sensitive, and creative as his hands construct a new world of EXTREME COUTURE.
Sophie Djerlal

Sophie Djerlal, Paris

Journalist for Vogue, Casa Vogue, Marie-Claire, Elle, Madame Figaro…

“His couture is a manifestation of authencity, unveiling inner beauty. Each dress is made uniquely for the individual, allowing their soul to be illuminated. A well-being felt so deep that one’s desire is fulfilled. This is a spiritual journey of elegance, consumed by passion and love.”


Vanessa Friedman

Vanessa Friedman

New York Times Fashion Director/Critic

Former Style Editor – Financial Times
Editor for FT.com’s Material World Blog
Author – Pucci (Taschen 2011)

“I met Roberto a few years ago when I was looking for people who didn’t play the game.

I was interested in the fashionistas who had stepped off the grid – kind of. You know, the ones who were still making stuff, sometimes brilliant stuff, but not in the way or on the schedule the market seemed to demand. The ones who just said NO, and decided to do what they wanted. I wanted to see what happened to the ones who chose to go it alone. Mostly, the stories got more interesting. Which is not to say easier.

In Roberto’s case, for example, things have got a lot more complicated, conceptually speaking, though he would probably say they are clearer.

For him, it all fits together: art, fashion, music, words, and form of creativity is just a different expression of the other, and can only really reach it’s apex (this is interesting) when combined with all its sister forms, so that an aesthetic must be thought through and experienced in all its multi-dimensionality to achieve its full reality.

But putting this surround-sound, 5D project together is difficult and involves kindred spirits; creating a modern mobile Bauhaus, but broader, and, just maybe more idealistic: focused on beauty and glamour, and the belief that this sort of holistic approach can, as he says, change the world.

Can it? I don’t know. I would certainly be pretty to think so (apologies to F. Scott Fitzgerald). What I do know that it is fascinating to watch. I have saved the emails that Roberto has sent ever since he embarked on this project partly because, as someone whose job is to be an observer and record-keeper. I find the serendipitous events and optimism both admirable and a little jaw dropping. It seems to me things are working for him, and I am a firm believer in the theory that things work because, in fact, they should work. They are good ideas. Bad ideas usually fail. This has happened – this film or happening or performance art piece or wearable art showor whatever you want to call it (what do you call it? it seems to me there is no name that works) – because it actually makes to much sense.

Clothes exist in the world; they are means of self-expression for the wearer and the creator, just the way every aesthetic choice and discipline is. Showing them in this context really, when you get down to it, eminently reasonable. More reasonable, certainly, than hanging them on a piece of twisted wire then sticking them on a rail; more reasonable than putting them in a vacuum or a soulless white tent with a long runway down its’ middle. Moved from sterility to imagination, it becomes possible to dream of how such a fantastical dresses might actually float their way into your life.

And then why couldn’t you take wing?” – V.F

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